First time playing Insugence, game won't start

Hi there. First thing I want to say is, I have no idea if I’m posting this correctly so please tell me if I’m not. I’m having trouble starting the game. When I try to start playing it tells me that the rgss player stopped working. I tried to do thing with the dep sttings but it turns out this couldn’t have been the problem to begin with since I did that for Pokemon Rejuvenation and Reborn already. Then I looked into the various folders for the game and noticed that there was absolutely nothing in the data folder so I tried redownloading the game but no matter how many times I try to redownload it the files will be missing. So I wonder if the download for the core is incomplete. And Idon’t think that it’s supposed to work that way. Hope someone can help me.

@The_Hidden The extracted files should be there. In the Pokemon Insurgence site there’s a mirror link below the first one. Try to download the game with that.

I tried that just now but there is still nothing. Is it possible to get that stuff another way because I tried every other link here on the forum as well but to no avail. Except for the torrent one but I have no idea how to open the downloaded file.

@The_Hidden I really don’t know then. I tried uploading a copy to my disk, but it for some reason stops uploading after some time. Sorry. What about the torrent file? Can’t you extract it?

At least not with winrar.

I mean you can download the program that you need to extract it.

I didn’t do that up until now because I was scared what it would do to my pc but I’m desperate right now so I did that but it’s taking so long

Let me know how that goes for you. I’m uploading a zip file to my disk again just in case something goes wrong. It’s taking a long time as well.

Alright, read ya later.

Sooooo, I’m finished but the files are still not there

Jesus that’s annoying. Guess we’ll wait two and a half hours or you can ask someone else for help because I don’t know what to do at this point.

Btw what do you mean by the files are missing? Is there actually nothing or what?

there’s only one file called eggEmerald in the data folder

…it’s supposed to be like that

Wow really? I assumed since Pokemon Reborn, Rejuvenation and Insurgence were all made with RPG maker and the other two have a bunch of files in that folder that this was the reason why the game won’t start. That means I’m closer to the answer to my problem but not really. Thanks for putting up with this pointless endeavor anyway.

No problem. You can ask me if there’s anything else.

Sadly nothing I tried everything else that was suggested to solve this problem. Seems I’m just not gonna be able to play Insurgence :sob:

Did you try solutions from the internet. Run it as administrator, check if it’s blocked by anti-virus or firewall. Also, the game.exe should be in the same folder as the Data and Graphics folder.

Tried everything

Then I’m truly sorry, but I’ve tried everything.