First Team Tips? In-game

I started my first playthrough yesterday, and I’m doing it on Hard Mode and I’m pretty stuck at Vipik Gym. I think my foundational mistake was picking D. Squirtle.

I want to start a new since I know a little more now (but still not much).

My current thoughts:

D. Venasaur
D. Gardevoir
Gengar OR Rotom for Ghost moves and support
D. Vespiqueen
D. Muk (is this a bad choice?)

Any suggestions to round out the team? I’d like to find decent mix of anything Flying/Water/Dark/Fighting types to fill out the last. Preferably a delta for the last because I want to be using the new pokemon as much as possible. Also, I want this team to be viable for the entire in-game, I’m not looking to do competitive. Grateful for any advice!

Edit: for context, my current team I’m stuck at: D. Wartortle, D. Gardevoir, D. Grimer, Snover, Onix, Rotom, and Axew + Corsola as subs

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D. Muk is ok, but Excadrill is better unless you’re evasion cheesing. Armored Ttar pairs well with Sand Rush Drill, Gengar is better than Rotom, D Vespiquen is ok, more of a support/wall mon, but unfortunately is kinda lacking in movepool. It is good at what it does tho.

Current team wise, Onix and Snover are useless, get an Abra for Kadabra if you can, and you’ll probably want a Staryu or Tentacruel with Rapid Spin to remove hazards for this one battle. A bulky Rock or Steel type with Rock Tomb who can live a Drill Run could help vs M. Beedrill, so Onix could work ig, I think there are better options available tho.

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If you run Taunt on Tyranitar, you can drop Gengar as Venu will want to run CM, Dual STABs and Shadow Ball. You could then run Skarm as a physical counterpart to specially defensive A-Ttar, or a Feraligatr/Gyarados/BD Azumarill. A bulkier mon might work too.

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imo d.muk takes care of kayla pretty well. her smeargle wont stop spamming spore so if your muk has sap sipper, it rack’s up +6 pretty easily. yeah taunt shuts her down too but im just saying, muk solo’d her team. its also pretty good in other cases, its a cool mon in general. also regurigation is just straight up wierd, and fun. gives some coverage in a pinch


Thank you both for the replies! What would you think of the following:
D. Venu (or D. Charizard?)
D. Garde
D. Muk
D. Hax
D. Snorlax ( or D. Sunflora or D. Vespiqueen or D. Crustle Fairy?)
D. Bisharp

Does this seem like an ok team to shoot for E4 and post-game? Really trying for all delta just for the fun of it. Would you replace any of the subs in the parentheses? I know this is not very informative since I don’t even know which movesets or items/abilities I’ll be shooting for, but I’m just trying to give myself some concrete goals for pokemon to go for.

  1. venusaur is the best cuz it can steamroll teams, tho the other 2 starters would be more fun imo
  2. you could also use gallade, isnt as good but definately cooler(haha get it? cooler)
  3. muk is cool
  4. hax is great, especially with strong jaw+crunch it can hit hard. its got SD too
  5. tis is an interesting one. sunflora really good late in a battle when 1-2 mons are alive, then it can wreck havoc. snorlax is in the same boat as venusaur, rly good and can solo teams, but other options would be more fun cuz its too good. srsly belly drum is op on it. crustle fairy is only rly good if you can get its HA, simple. then just shell smash and automatically win. tho you gotta be wary of priority, that messes it up. d.vespiquen is cool, but not very practical from what ive seen. doesnt have the stats to back up its typing and such. its good on playthrough tho, just not that much in competitive
  6. bisharp is cool af. great desing, great abilities, decent coverage and overally a rly fun mon to use. definately recommend using it. its mega is kinda lackluster but can work with the right setup and moves
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“I can’t believe you’ve done this”


pokemons puns pls(topic)

that already exists lol

D. Vespiquen = Competitive Heatran. 70/102/102 defenses, Levitate over Flash Fire, and semi-decent attack stats.

D. Vespiquen @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate (Speed Boost is only for offensive sets, base 40 speed ain’t great and no B- Pass.)
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def/SpD, 4 SpD/Def
Nature: Bold/Impish/Relaxed/Calm/Sassy/Careful (For this, I would remove Impish and Careful as those reduce SpA)

  • Lava Plume
  • Toxic/Super Fang
  • Earth Power/Flash Cannon/Energy Ball/Stealth Rock/Roost
  • Volt Switch/Roost

WDYM bad movepool? Have you even looked at it? Here’s all its notable moves:
Flare Blitz, Shift Gear, Iron Defense, Lava Plume, Iron Head, Swagger, Hone Claws, Calm Mind, Toxic, Protect, Thunderbolt, Return/Frustration, Brick Break, Sludge Wave, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Fire Blast, Facade, Flame Charge, Scald, Overheat, Roost, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, False Swipe, Will-O-Wisp, Explosion, Shadow Claw, Thunder Wave, Gyro Ball, Swords Dance, Wild Charge, Volt Switch, Rock Slide, X-Scissor, Poison Jab, Power-Up Punch, Substitute, Flash Cannon, Acrobatics, Dazzling Gleam, Drill Run, Earth Power, Electroweb, Endeavor, Endure, Gravity, Gunk Shot, Heat Wave, Mimic, Signal Beam, Stealth Rock, Super Fang, Tailwind.

Not bad eyy? Plenty of special moves and CM, SD and physical moves on the other side, and Roost, status, Volt Switch, SR etc. for support.

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huh i didnt know that. i just said that cuz i read an analysis about d.vespiquen that dissed it, so i just auto believed it. ig i gotta do some research next time lol


tho some of those moves are kinda… situational tbh. endeavor seems odd cuz its a bulky mon, facade is not gonna activate often cuz only paralysis affects it, tho ig it can be used with gyro ball. tailwind isnt all that good in singles, especially since you get only 3 turns to use it, 2 if you switch. gravity is NOT viable. there are barely any situations i can think of where its useful. doubles, maybe.
wait it gets scald? thats the last thing i excpected it to have

These are all good moves depending on the situation, it can be used as a pseudo FEAR, Facade is mostly a niche option for physical sets, but as Smogon puts it in notable moves, figured I should too. Tailwind and Gravity are mostly doubles, but may I remind you of Lando-I’s infamous Gravity sets. BTW, those were in Singles too.

no idea what that is, do tell

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Heard of them but I don’t listen to competitive things

Lando-I is infamous for special sets abusing Sheer Force that usually run CM, Earth Power, Sludge Wave and either coverage or Gravity. It can afford to, as that helps it hit Corv and Skarm. It’s better than Focus Blast or Extrasensory, and allows it to hit harder than if it ran Mixed with Rock Slide.