First Form Bugs Only Run Randomizer

So I will be jumping on the run bandwagon (have been doing runs privately for a while), and do a run based off MDB’s First Form Bugs only playthrough of Yew Nork. Link below. I will be SRing for a bug now, if anyone can tell me how to take a pic of only the game screen that would be helpful.

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Loved that video of mdb, one of my fave u-tubers

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I an pretty sure u can use alt + print screen and then paste it here with ctrl +v @ezlaturbo

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In class rn, will start soon.


Btw, if you are lucky and find a trap inch and a flygonite I recommend using it ( I consider it fair)

Its not a first form bug and I am not evolving them, which is why it’s hard and I will allow delta versions of bugs and deltas that become bug type to be used.

Forgot that damn, u only do first forms @ezlaturbo

So no megas, but I will allow Durant, tho it doesn’t have and evolution and Scyther tho it doesn’t have 3 evos, cuz I will prob need it.

Edit: Actually I could use M Hera and M Pinsir.

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U can also use Delta scyther then?

Ya. It kinda defeats the purpose of the challenge, but it will probably be needed. Hard or Normal mode?

Hard, normal is easy lol

Plus it will be more exciting

Ik, I’m just worried about the level cap.

Yeh, lvl cap is a problem, but it should be fine for the early game

Oh well, Nuzlocke or no?

w/ lives clause nuzlocke

Hmm, if u do nuzlocke, u shall only get an encounter per route ( u can search until ya get a first form bug)

That is a classic nuzlocke rule

do randomizer and deltas are allowed

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