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Fire type delta bulbasaur line

delta bulbasaur
001-1.png (1)
delta ivysaur
001-3.png (1)
delta venasaur
001-4.png (6)
gif of all three


They look awesome.

thx a lot

They. Are. Awesome! I wish we could fill the 4 empty Pokédex slots with our own Delta.

Nice job. Like the idea of using different colored flames for the leaves. Are you going to try making a Mega version?
Though, this should probably go in Holon rather than Artwork.

You theoretically could, but it involves hacking. And a lot of it. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have prior experience and are willing to risk accidentally breaking your game and/or losing your save.

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These are so good cant wait to see what u will do with other starters if u will even make them


thx a lot, i will prob try watee type char line in a few days

umm isnt charmander fire type already?

i ment water, idk why i wrote fire

Lol haha

They look awesome
Mega would look even more badass

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do not necro, also it will be a while before i am motivated enough to make a mega, ill necro then

but thx for the compliment