Fire blast or heat crash for groudon?

What move is better for groudon fire blast or heat crash.

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Heat Crash. Groupon has higher physical attack than special attack and is also very heavy, giving it even more power. It’s best to run primal Groudon with heat crash, solar beam, earthquake, and a move of your choice.

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That exactly what I am running

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If you EV train in SpA, you can use one of the best mixed sets, Fire Blast/Eruption, SD, EQ/Precipice Blades, Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Tomb.

honestly, I think solar beam is too unreliable to run, and I’d use toxic/roar and have fire punch if you don’t want to sacrifice the power for precipice blades/eq

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Seems like a good moveset for the great attacking stats of groudon.

Aside from opposing Kyogre, there isn’t much reason to use Solar Beam on Groudon. Well, maybe Unnaware Quagasire but still not frequent in Uber.

How can you teach groudon heat crash though? It can’t learn it by leveling up and I don’t see any move tutors teaching it

I have no fucking clue this was four years ago