Finnaly i can breed pichus with Volt Tackle

took me 2 hours in Shade Forest to find a pikachu holding a Light Ball but i managed to find it after all :smiley: all i need now is a 6 iv pikachu to breed, lmao, just another pain

Good luck

already got it lvl 120 with 6 iv but thx anyway lol


You can just buy Light Balls at the Black Market for $100…

now he tells me :frowning:

how do you already grind to lvl120?

Exp trainers ofc lmao

he is playing on normal mode. hard mode has level caps.

did you just grind witht the level 80 trainer? that’s the highest one

yes, i takes less time than it looks. if you stay a complete hour on there u’ll get any pokemon u want on max lvl

The last gym and league battles with max pkmns? Boring :smiley: I hope that you won’t use it for the incoming update :wink:

Nah, i’ll just keep it on pc and use my main team ofc, none of my main team is higher than 80

:hatching_chick: :wink: that’s what I wanted to read