Finding the 7th gym leader

Where do i go to meet up with the 7th gym leader and nora? I have checked the entire city route 15, the cave in the south and the mountain base but I could not find him. Any help would be greatly appreciated

it s a puzzle inside the cave… YOU go find it.

Thank you I forgot that tesseract was a mew transformation not a move in game

how do you solve the puzzle?

Tesseract from behind the rocks because it’s ranged.

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you mean outside the cave and near the city ?

Inside the cave south of the city.

ok so i tesseracted where i have to and then?

Use tesseract on the other side of the rock.

wooo thanks bro

No problem

What rock can I go through with teseract

which city? the one before route 15 or the one after route 15? I’ve been searching everywhere for that puzzle. and still didn’t find it lol.