Finding Delta Munchlax

So i just recently played this game and i didnt know about delta munchlax’s hidden grotto. I went into the hidden grotto on route 8 without saving beforehand or anything and just find an item in there. Is that hidden grotto a one-time thing? Because i heard that the hidden grottos regenerate in the game at least 12 hours (real time) after you entered the hidden grotto, and even if more than 12 hours pass, there’s nothing inside the hidden grotto of route 8, no item or anything.

is this something bugged??? if it is, please fix it because i am in desperate need of a bulky grass type

Items are in the pool of stuff you can find in the grotto. I think after the 1.2 update, grottos reset after 24 hours instead, though I may be wrong. Whenever some grottos didn’t load after 12 hours, waiting 'till the next day usually worked out.

The thing is i figured that if the 12 hour thing didn’t work i would just wait at least a day. I’ve tried that multiple times and even waited two days for it to reset but for some reason it’s just empty :\

sigh…i mean if it doesn’t work then i guess my best bet is just wait for someone who is willing to trade away a delta munchlax

If you’ve touched your computer time, that royally messes up the in-game time. A simple reinstallation might fix it, along with another wait.

okay i think i’ll try that, but if i reinstall the game, won’t i lose my save data?

If you’re on windows, the save will transfer automatically. On mac, you can transfer it.

ok ive redownloaded the core and my save transferred successfully too, but after waiting 24 hours its still empty

hey guys i also have same prob so help

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As @Sbeve said, stop necroing. And to answer your question, if you messed with the time of your device and even if you did not, grottos are bugged. This may be fixed in the next patch and the only way to obtain grotto mons if the grotto is bugged is to ask in the #online:trading section.