Final teams for 1.2

Hi everyone

While waiting for 1.2, I decided to build 2 competitive teams. I built my first team based on some of my favorite mons, and the second is a Delta team.

Derp (Stunfisk) - Bold, Static w/Stunfiskite: Earth Power/Thunderbolt/Stealth Rock/Livewire

Raphael (Greninja) - Adamant, Protean: Aerial Ace (will replace with Acrobatics)/Night Slash/Waterfall/Shadow Sneak (will replace with Ice Punch)

Zaur (Venusaur) - Modest, Overgrow w/Black Sludge: Giga Drain/Sludge Bomb/Leech Seed/Sleep Powder

Morgane (Gardevoir) - Timid, Synchronize w/Life Orb: Psyshock/Shadow Ball/Moonblast/Calm Mind

Ken (Lucario) - Jolly, Justified w/Focus Sash: Bullet Punch/Close Combat/Swords Dance/Bone Rush (will replace with Earthquake)

Magmoth (Volcarona) - Modest, Flame Body w/Leftovers: Bug Buzz/Hurricane (will replace with Giga Drain)/Fiery Dance/Quiver Dance

Skeletor (D Charizard) - Timid, Spirit Call w/Delta Charizardite - Shadow Ball/Lunar Canon/Dragon Pulse/Frost Breath

Firestorm (D Frosslass) - Modest, Competitive w/Life Orb: Fiery Dance/Energy Ball/Hyper Voice/Will-O-Wisp

Minifée (D Venusaur) - Modest, Psycho Call w/Leftovers: Psychic/Moonblast/Calm Mind/Leech Seed

Y2J (D Bisharp) - Jolly, Defiant: Acrobatics/High Jump Kick/Bulk Up/Thunder Punch

Iron Ivy (D Luxray) - Adamant, Poison Touch w/Air Balloon: Metal Claw (will replace with Iron Head if possible)/Poison Jab/Crunch/Toxic Spikes

Pudding (D Snorlax) - Careful, Thick Fat w/Leftovers: Leaf Blade/Body Slam/Rest/Sleep Talk

Any comment or suggestion to improve my teams would be much appreciated.


I don’t have any suggestions, but that Shiny D. Charizard is dope.

Do you watch wrestilinG?


Pokepon luck!

Interesting teams, although if you want to battle competitively with them you might have to replace that Greninja since it’s technically Ubers.

Oh right I forgot about that…

Maybe I can replace it with an Adamant Feraligatr with Waterfall/Crunch/Dragon Dance/Ice Fang?

If you want to go real competitive then I would strongly suggest hazard control (Volcarona gets wrecked by rocks and Lucario’s sash gets broken). Fortunately, there are decent Water-type hazard controlers, notably mons like Blastoise or Cloyster. Either one would also take some of the pressure off of Mega Stunfisk to be the defensive wall for the whole team.

You mean like a Bold Blastoise with Waterfall/Rapid Spin/Ice Punch/Earthquake?

yeah bold max defense would be good, with Rapid Spin, Scald, and Ice Beam. The fourth move is more interchangeable, but usually something like Toxic or Refresh.

Thanks for the tips!

For your D. Bisharp, I would recommend you give it a Flying Gem, because that strengthens Acrobatics before it checks for an item so its power will be higher than without the gem. It obviously can’t hurt, so I do not see why there shouldn’t be a flying gem on it.

So you’re saying that the flying gem + boost + STAB will make Acrobatics at 551,52=165?

Yes, I think that is correct.

Holy shit, didn’t know that, thanks!