Fiery Cave Meloetta Puzzle

The puzzle in fiery cave is often unsolvable because the starting positions are randomized. It would probably be good to make the starting position the same every time so that people don’t get stuck on it, as most puzzles in other games have fixed starting positions.

i got all meloetta thingies in this patch i dunno whatchu talking about

sometimes you can’t solve it by moving the pieces normally and you have to exit and reenter the puzzle to randomize the starting position, which will sometimes make it solvable. Whether or not it’s solvable upon entering the puzzle is pure rng. Exiting and reentering the puzzle isn’t really supposed to how you solve it but it’s the only way to actually solve it most of the time.

i guess no one cares because its not a major issue and it probably wont get fixed because devs have better things to do