Feedback on my Team and Stuff

So here is my team. Can you judge on it?

D-Roserade: Items: Leftovers Ability: Heliophobia Moves: Moonblast Dark Pulse New Moon Psychic

Garchomp Items: Life Orb Ability: Sand Veil Moves: Swords Dance (Going to be replaced with Earthquake) Dragon Claw Crunch Iron Head ( Going to be replaced with Poison Jab)

D-Gallade Items: Delta Galladite Ability:Volt Absorb Moves: Swords Dance Psycho Cut Thunder Punch Ice Punch

D-Bisharp Item: Delta Bisharpite Ability: Frisk/ Technician Moves: Power -Up punch (Wants to give it swords dance BUT CAN’T LEARN IT) Mach Punch Thunder Punch Blaze Kick

Aegislash Item: Spell Tag Ability: Stance Change Moves: King’s Shield Swords Dance Iron Head Shadow Sneak

Eevee Items: Eevite Ability: Protean Maxima Moves: Thunderbolt Ice-Beam Moonblast Psychic

So what do you guys think?

Why can’t bisharp learn swords dance? It can learn it by level up and TM.

ok i’m stupid i misread it, and yeah it doesn’t get swords dance.

DELTA Bisharp. I don’t know why Delta Bisharp can not learn swords dance though

It ok

Having multiple mega stones is nearly always not in your best interest. Choose one mega to hold on to.

Delta gallade should have livewire because it’s amazing.

Psychic is not good coverage on delta roserade, replace it with lovely kiss. I recommend that you get more moves that meld with new moon or it’ll just be an agility clone.

It’s a fine in-game team otherwise.

Solid team. Delta Roserade is fairly exposed outside of a New Moon team since it needs to waste a turn setting up the New Moon. I would recommend either building a New Moon team where it can come in and start attacking straight away, or replacing the D-Roserade.