Feebas or Milotic?

Trading Name: AriannaGenesis

Offer: i really don’t know, i’m not too far into the game (just got to where i have to battle taen for the first time)

Request: a feebas or milotic

Further info: i’ve been trying to catch a milotic for hours on routes 6 and 7 with a super rod, but i’ve had no luck. i doubt that trying later on for a feebas would be fruitful. the pokemon doesnt have to have a good nature, good ability, good moves, or good ivs/evs. i just want one for my team.

I’ve got a Milotic here, anything is fine in return

Thank you so much!

Are you online right now?


Neither StarleyJazz nor AriannaGenesis show up as being online

Now I’m online sorry

What’s your trading name?


It says you’re not online.

Thank you!!!

No problem

Hey do you have a feebas egg. or am I too late :frowning: ?

I could get you one tomorrow


do you have the egg or the feebas yet?

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