Favorite Pokemon of Each Type

I thought that it would be cool if we all told each other about our favorite Pokemon. Feel free to share! If you like a Pokemon of two types (for example, liking a Pokemon for Fire and Fighting) then just list it for one of those types but mention that you like that Pokemon as well. If you want, mention your favorite mega and favorite Pokemon of them all as well. You can also list you favorite delta.

Bug: Heracross Dark: Hydreigon Dragon: Goodra (I like Giratina more) Electric: Manectric Fairy: Togekiss Fighting: Infernape Fire: Charizard Flying: Pidgeot (I like Charizard and Gliscor more) Ghost: Giratina Grass: Bulbasaur Ground: Gliscor Ice: Abomasnow Normal: Snorlax Poison: Nidoking Psychic: Gallade Rock: Gigalith Steel: Klinklang Water: Lapras

Favorite Mega: Mega Charizard X Favorite Delta: Delta Charizard Favorite Pokemon: Charizard

I made a rule for myself that I only include a pokemon in a type if it has the type as primary, with a few exceptions.

Normal: Snorlax Fire: Blaziken Ice: Walrein Water: Kingdra Grass: Cacturne Electric: Dedenne Psychic: Gallade Dragon: Reshiram Dark: Bisharp Fairy: (No primary Fairy types, so I choose) Mawile Flying: (Same problem, so) Rotom-Fan Poison: Drapion Ground: Golurk Rock: Aerodactyl (Like Shuckle more) Bug: Volcarona Ghost: Mismagius (Like Froslass and Rotom more) Steel: Jirachi

Mega: Mega Golurk from Zeta and Omicron Delta: Delta ralts Overall: Don’t know

Normal: Exploud Fire: Charizard Ice: Froslass Water: Swampert Grass:Serperior Electric: Electrivire Psychic: Gardevoir Dragon: Haxorus (Shiny form is the best) Dark: Scrafty Fairy: Togekiss Flying: Noivern Fighting: Lucario Bug: Volcarona Ghost: Gengar Poison: Toxicroak or Crobat, cant choose one Ground: Gliscor Rock: Tyrantrum Steel: Metagross

Favourite Mega: Mega Typhlosion F. Delta: D. Gardevoir F. Mon: Crobat or Toxicroak

Normal: Rattata Fire: Typhlosion Ice: Kyurem-Black Water: Magikarp Grass: A-Exeggutor Electric: Electivire Psychic: Abra Dragon: Garchomp Dark: Weavile Fairy: Sylveon Flying: Ho-oh Fighting: Lucario Bug: Vikavolt Ghost: Haunter Poison: Venusaur Ground: Gliscor Rock: Tyranitar Steel: Bisharp

Favorite Mega: Mega Stunfisk Favorite Delta: Delta Roserade Favorite Pokémon: Tyranitar

Bug: Butterfree Dark: Absol Dragon: Gabite Electric: Raichu Fairy: Ralts Fighting: Lucario Fire: Braixen Flying: Starly Ghost: Aegislash Grass: Bulbasaur Ground: Excadrill Ice: Glaceon Normal: Eevee Poison: Scolipede Psychic: Latias Rock: Aurorus Steel: Mawile Water: Samurott

Favorite Mega: Mega Charizard X Favorite Delta: Delta Shinx Favorite Pokmon: Starly

Bug: Either Volcarona or Genesect, can’t decide Dark: Zoroark Dragon: Latias Electric: Electivire Fairy: Sylveon Fighting: Lucario Fire: Same, Charizard Flying: Dragonite Ghost: Aegislash Grass: Sceptile Ground: Flygon Ice: Lapras Normal: Eevee Poison: Dragalge Psychic: Kirlia Rock: Rampardos Steel: Metagross Water: Gekkouga (sounds so much cooler than Greninja, even if that alone is a pretty baller name)

Favorite Mega: Not counting Insurgence Megas, Mega Latias. With Insurgence Megas, Mega Eevee Favorite Delta: Delta Gardevoir Favorite Pokemon: Dragonite, always has been, always will be

Bug: Scyther Dark: Tyranitar Dragon: Dragonite Electric: Electabuzz Fairy: Gardevoir Fighting: Hitmonchan Fire: Charizard Flying: Pidgeot Ghost: Gengar Grass: Venusaur Ground: Golem Ice: Lapras Normal: Porygon Z Poison: Crobat Psychic: Alakazam Rock: Onix Steel: Mawile Water: Blastoise

Favorite Mega: Shiny Mega Charizard Y Favorite Delta: Delta Bisharp Favorite Pokemon: Charizard

Many dual types, I know. But here are my favorites.

Bug: Shedinja Dark: Mightyena Dragon: Dragalge Electric: Dedenne Fairy: Sylveon Fighting: Hawlucha Fire: Talonflame Flying: Togekiss Ghost: Gengar Grass: Serperior Ground: Camerupt Ice: Glalie Normal: Eevee Poison: Garbodor Psychic: Alakazam Rock: Aurorus Steel: Klefki Water: Greninja

Favorite Mega: Mega Eevee (if it has to be an official one then Mega Lucario) Favorite Delta: Delta Gallade

Normal: Our lord and savior Peeko. Wait i can’t put that? Oh Slakoth then. Fire: Darmanitan Ice: Swinub Water: Wailmer Grass: Victreebel Electric: Rotom Psychic: Deoxys Dragon: Exeggutor-Alolan Dark: Darkrai Fairy: Togekiss Flying: Rowlet Fighting: Hawlucha Bug: Shedinja Ghost: Cofagrigus Poison: Victreebel again Ground: Swampert Rock: Tyranitar again Steel: Sandshrew-Alolan

Favorite Mega: Mega Delta Charizard Favorite Delta: Delta Gardevoir Favorite Pokémon: Wailmer

Bug: Scizor Dark: Umbreon Dragon: Haxorus Electric: Zapdos Fairy: Gardevoir Fighting: Lucario Fire: Volcarona Flying: Skarmory Ghost: Gengar Grass: Ferrothorn Ground: Garchomp Ice: Lapras Normal: Zangoose Poison: Crobat Psychic: Mewtwo Rock: Tyranitar Steel: Metagross Water: Milotic

Favorite Mega: Mega Mawile Favorite Delta: To be revealed in 1.2… Delta Gardevoir as of 1.1 Favorite Pokemon: Milotic

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I have too many favorites for each type, so I’ll name a bunch.

Bug: Dustox, Shedinja, Joltik, Volcarona Dark: Houndoom, Sableye, Cacturne, Spiritomb, D-Roserade Dragon: Vibrava, Zygarde (Complete form) Electric: Magnezone, Rotom (All of them), Joltik*, D-Gallade Fairy: Granbull, Togepi, Gardevoir, D-Roserade* Fighting: Breloom, Hariyama, Gallade, D-Bisharp Fire: Houndoom*, Camerupt, Darmanitan Flying: Aerodactyl, Articuno, Sigilyph, Braviary, D-Bisharp* Ghost: Shedinja*, Sableye*, Spiritomb*, Golurk Grass: Venusaur, Tangela, Sceptile, Cacturne*, Cradily, Amoonguss Ground: Swagsire, Steelix, Camerupt*, Vibrava*, Golurk*, Zygarde (Complete form), D-Muk Ice: Articuno, Vanilluxe, Cryogonal, D-Gallade* Normal: Porygon line, Slakoth (the Great and Mighty Peeko), Braviary* Poison: Venusaur*, Tentacruel, Dustox*, Amoonguss* Psychic: Gardevoir*, Metagross, Gallade*, Sigilyph* Rock: Aerodactyl*, Aggron, Cradily*, Bastiodon Steel: Steelix*, Aggron*, Metagross*, Registeel, Bastiodon*, Magnezone* Water: Tentacruel*, Swagsire*, Mudkip

*came up multiple times

Favorite Mega: Insurgence: Either Cacturne, Flygon, or Spiritomb, Official: Either Steelix, Sableye, or Metagross Favorite Delta: D-Muk

Bug: Combee Dark: Absol Dragon: Flygon Electric: Plusle Fairy: Clefable Fighting: Conkeldurr Fire: Qualava Flying: Staravia Ghost: Misdreavus Grass: Treecko Ground: Excadrill Ice:Delibird Normal: Zangoose Poison: I’m sorry all poison pokemon suck Psychic: Gardevoir Rock: Nosepass Steel: Aron Water: Quagsire

Favorite Mega: T-Tar Favorite Delta: Vespiquen Favorite Pokemon: Misdreavus

Bug: scizor Dark: Absol Dragon: salamence Electric: manetrick Fairy: gardevoir Fighting: lucario Fire: houndoum Flying: fearow Ghost: giratina Grass: sceptile Ground: tyranitar Ice:glalie Normal: persian Poison: scolipede Psychic: Gallade Rock: cranidos Steel: skarmory Water: greninja

Favorite Mega: mega gallade Favorite Delta: ralts Favorite Pokemon: umbreon

My favourite pokemon is not going to be one of the typings instead I’m using my second favourite for those 2 typings

Bug:Pinsir Dark:Weavile Dragon:Salamence Electric:Ampharos Fairy:Aromatisse (don’t judge me) Fighting:Scrafty Fire:Victini Flying:Honchkrow Ghost:Gengar Grass:Chesnaught Ground:Lando-T Ice:Mamoswine Normal:Snorlax Poison:Scolipede Psychic:Hoopa-Unbound Rock:Diancie Steel:Lucario Water:Greninja

Favourite Mega:Mega Mawile Favourite Delta: Delta Blastoise Favourite Pokemon:Gliscor

Bug: Heracross Dark: Hydreogen Dragon: latios Electric: Ampharos (would be zebstrika with better moveset) Fairy: Azumarill Fighting: Blaziken Fire: Volcarona Flying: Togekiss Ghost: Chandelure Grass: Serperior Ground: stunfisk (only in insurgence) Ice: Mamoswine Normal: Blissey/slaking Poison: Crobat Psychic: Slowking Rock: rhyperior Steel: metagross water:feraligatr

Favorite Mega: Gengar Favorite Delta: Venusaur- bulk + calm mind Favorite pokemon: dragonite

Normal: Porygon-Z Fire: Flareon Water: Gastrodon/Slowking Grass: Sceptile Elec: Luxray/Ampharos Psy: Reuniclus Fighting: Emboar/Chestnaught Rock: Bastiodon/Gigalith Ground: Rydon/Krokorok Bug: Crustle/Volcarona Poison: Drapion Ghost: Trevenant Ice: Spheal Flying: Mandibuzz Dragon: Kingdra Dark: Honchkrow Steel: Aggron/Skarmory Fairy: Togekiss

Mega: Beedrill Delta: Roserade Favorite: ???

“swagsire”? 'nasty jake flashback’ Z/O if anyones wondering

Bug: Ariados Dark: Zoruark Dragon: Dragonite Electric: Luxray Fairy: Togekiss Fighting: Lucario Fire: Arcanine Flying: Staraptor Ghost: Gengar Grass: Torterra Ground: Gliscor Ice: Glaceon Normal: Bidoof or Snorlax Poison: Nidoking Psychic: Gardevoir Rock: Aerodactyl Steel: Magnezone Water: Dewott mate! Fave Mega: Lucario Fave Delta: Lucario Fave mon: Lucario Don’t judge me PS ignore all the stuff underneath this my phone was glitching

Poison: Nidoking Psychic: Gallade Rock: Gigalith Steel: Klinklang Water: Lapras

Bug: Volcarona Dark: Zoroark Dragon: Dialga Electric: Zekrom Fairy: Diancie Fighting: Blaziken Fire: Primal Groudon Flying: (Mega) Salamence Ghost: Giratina-Origin Grass: Shaymin-Sky Ground: Garchomp Ice: Weavile Normal: Regigigas Poison: Toxapex Psychic: (Mega) Latios Rock: Terrakion Steel: Lucario Water: Rotom-Wash

Favourite Mega: Mega Salamence Favourite Delta: Delta Gallade Favourite Pokemon: Garchomp

yay for digging up old posts

Bug: M Flygon Dark: Absol Dragon: Rayquaza Electric: Manectric Fairy: Gardevoir Fighting: Infernape Fire: Darmanitan Flying: Staraptor Ghost: Aegislash Grass: Breloom Ground: Garchomp Ice: Glalie Normal: Eevee Poison: Venusaur Psychic: Espeon Rock: Tyrantrum Steel: Metagross Water: Swampert

Favorite Mega: Mega Eevee Favorite Delta: Delta Scizor or Delta Glalie Favorite Pokemon: Infernape