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Favorite Pokémon Game?

Heyo! Just curious what everyone’s fav Pokémon game is!

Fav Pokémon Game
  • Red/Blue(or yellow, I guess)
  • Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • FireRed/LeafGreen
  • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
  • Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
  • HeartGold/SoulSilver
  • Black/White
  • Black 2/White 2
  • X/Y
  • Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
  • Sun/Moon
  • Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
  • Sword/Shield

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If you put the Pokemon Typing game I would’ve chosen that one just so you know.

I like BW2 for it’s difficulty, though I never played it, but from what I’ve played, ORAS is just fun.

lmao xy only has me, its my favorite bc its the first pokemon game i actually played

lmao everyone wants dp remakes but, its not anyones favorite game

(or yellow i guess)

lmao yellow was the first out of the games i played (In randomizer ofc)

That’s because only 6 people have voted so far.

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beat emerald in nuzlocke

BW2 was my first Pokémon game, I legit only used a level 100 Cobalion lol

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I’m kinda torn between ORAS and BW2 just for the nostalgia

HGSS was pretty dang good too

…I just wish that they had elite 4 music instead of the same gym leader theme :frowning:

B/W or B2/W2. Since its been like two years since my friend lost my White inside its couch and he inly gave it back to me about two weeks ago, and I gave him my White 2 so he stop complaining all day long on how every other Pokémon games expect Gen 5 sucks. Right now, I’m trying back White 1 in order to look back at what it was. Wish I could play White 2 ever again :disappointed:.

BRUH how the heck did you get the original copy of white???

I tried to order it a few days ago and it was like 150 dollars smh

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lmao i got one for like 20 dollars on ebay

. . .
You legend

I went to the closest Wallmart back in 2012/2011 and got Pokémon Black, my sister got Pokémon White. In the end, we traded because I preferred Zekrom and she preferred Reshiram. It was, like, maximum a month after it came out. That was the moment I bought my first DSI XL and got my very first own video game.

oh i have one too, my older brother gave it to me for my bday

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I like the lore of how there is Reshiram in black and zekrom in white

I personally prefer Zekrom, but Reshiram does look pretty sick

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yeah idk how reshiram doesn’t deserve an armor (no offense to the devs)

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Ohh yeah I forgot about the armor

At least Reshiram has that O R I O N P O W E R

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