Favorite Delta(s)?

We all know and love Pokemon. That’s no lie. I’ve been playing since the days of R/B/Y. Red was my first version and I loved it to death. I always made sure to have Gengar before Sabrina. He was my favorite mon from Gen 1. Umbreon was gen 2 and Metagross in Gen 3.

But with the introduction of Insurgence, it gave us Delta Pokemon.

In your opinion, cause forget everyone else and what they think, who is your favorite Delta?

I’m very fond of Delta Aggron cause that beast looks like he walked straight out of Hell and will ■■■■ some shit up.

Delta bisharp, mainly because of the shiny which I used previously in my playthrough. It was a decently fast powerhouse and the best delta on the team.

Delta Blaziken because it looks really cool and as blaziken is god, that means that delta blaziken is also god.

Either Ambipom or Maractus, cuz ghost/normal is a dope typing and Maractus is just adorable (it looks like the love child of WALL-E and EVE*)

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always liked normal Meloetta and I absolutely love Delta Meloetta <3 It’s a derpy little mime, what’s not to love?

I’m almost sad that it gets Relic Song via tutor now in 1.2.4, I thought it was super cool that one had to do a little “quest” for it to change forms before - especially with its dex talking about finding a way to restore its voice and all.

Delta Muk and/or Delta Weezing

I just love the idea of a pokemon made out of sand just popping out, sorta like Sandygast. Delta Weezing I just love the look of it.

I love Delta Ditto. He is adorable!

Delta Metagross (Ruin) but I’m biased since I’ve always liked normal Metagross and I despise the Stall playstyle in competitve (almost nothing on standard Stall can switch into Choice Band Head Smash or Wood Hammer from Delta Metagross)