Fastest Route for Ice Path?

I can get down to about 24-25 seconds normally, but very rarely a different pokemon beats me. Does anyone know better routes to use?

I usually use rock path. Takes longer, 40 sec, but ez victory every time.

if you want a better grind for money, use a happy hour inkay + a payday on smeargle and battle gentleman dun on the dexnav.

Darkwrath came up with this grind for maxing money per battle:

amount of pay days seems like it takes longer than the races. I’m sponsored by Devon so im still making ~11.5k per race, so I can make like 30k every 2 minutes and it also doesn’t require grabbing a ton of extra pokemon. But I might try this method if I have some free time, thanks!

This is a pretty consistent strategy to get 1st Place in Ice Path, pretty much can always guarantee either first or second place.
Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 4.12.49 PM

thats the method im already using lol

Assumed so, but was just offering the best known strategy for the path just in case it wasn’t known already :>

ah okay, thanks!