Extreme Speed Dragonite

Yo! I’m trying to get a Dragonite with Extreme Speed. But… Its an egg move and dragonite can only breed with its pokemon species and ditto. So… How do I do it? It’s not possible?

Unless you’re talking about delta Dragonite, Dragonite can breed with more pokémons than just other Dragonites and Ditto. Pokémon has these “egg groups” that let different species breed (I’d suggest you to read the Bulbapedia page since I’m not knowledgeable enough to explain it).
With that said, Extreme Speed on Dragonite is a peculiar situation: you see, you can obtain (legally) a Dratini with Extreme Speed only in Hearth Gold and Soul Silver, so it’s kinda rare in official games. I have no clues for what concerns Insurgence tho.

There’s a tutor at the end of the Alpha Temple that teaches Extreme Speed as one of their moves. Just confirmed, Dragonite can learn it from there.