Examining Delta Noivern

It’s been a while, yes, I know, but I kinda lost interest in this game for a bit and decided to come back and see what else could be done with some of the Deltas.

This time I’m looking at Delta Noivern! As per-usual Delta Noivern has no changes to its BST or Base Stat distribution in any way, so it still has high speed, below average defenses, and a below average Sp. Atk. That aside, it trades off the Flying/Dragon typing for Steel/Grass, which is honestly a huge defensive upgrade that this Pokemon doesn’t mind having. Though on the flip side, it essentially trades off a Ground immunity for a Poison immunity, and instead of being quad weak to Ice, it’s now quad weak to Fire.

As far as what can hit it for super-effective damage, there’s still not a whole lot. If you’re familiar with Ferrothorn, you’re familiar with why this typing is so good.

The other thing to note is that Delta Noivern’s still built as a semi-fragile speedster type who can get the first hit in reasonably often but doesn’t really carry the power to do that much. Normal Noivern at least has some disruptive qualities to it, including the rather rare move known as Boomburst for use in the event that someone tries hiding behind a substitute. I believe it also can pick up Taunt, which this Delta notably lacks.

Its physical attack pool is also pretty much useless, as everything is delivered from a mediocre base 80, and Delta Noivern’s defenses don’t really allow it too many chances to boost. At 85/80/80 defense-wise, it can take a hit or two but even with its Steel typing it doesn’t exactly enjoy it. It does pick up (or will pick up) Swords Dance which means it CAN boost its attack up to usable levels, and admittedly it does have the one-two punch of Stone Edge and Earthquake for coverage should that be your cup of tea, as well as a decent enough STAB movepool to make use of it.

That being said, Delta Noivern requires a boost on its Atk stat to even make use of it, as even moderately physically defensive Pokemon will laugh off its assault otherwise.

Special attack-wise, the news really isn’t that much better. In fact, it’s arguably slightly worse since while its Sp. Atk stat IS better, it’s base 97 as opposed to base 80. Anything specializing in special defense will also laugh this thing right off, though those weak to its moves need to be wary.

The most annoying thing about using it special-wise is that it simply cannot boost its special attack outside of the use of Growth, which in turn requires Sunny Day support to even be worth considering. While it has access to Grass, Steel, Dark, and Dragon special attacks, (as well as the infamous Focus Miss Blast) it’s quite notable that other Steel types will more or less wall it. Granted, they have to fear Focus Blast connecting, but if it’s not running it other Steels have little to fear.

Non-damaging moves include the ever-useful Roost, but outside of Leech Seed the thing starts to fall a little flat. On paper, Grassy Terrain is actually not a bad move for it to have, what with it basically being a Sunny Day for Grass type moves while also reducing the effectiveness of Ground type moves like Earthquake… and Bulldoze, and Magnitude, and that’s about it. It also restores HP of all grounded Pokemon by 1/16th per turn.

Yes. Grassy Terrain can heal the other team. I suspect this is why the move is never used anywhere.

That aside, it can also throw up Reflect and Substitute, and if you want to try a bulkier build Roost can help heal off the damage Substitute incurs. It’s also fast enough to the point where most Taunt leads aren’t going to get the drop on it easily, so unless your luck in terms of opening moves is horrible you can at least get one buff off of some kind. It can also pick up Toxic, which can be nice if you need a fast poisoner.

As far as countering it goes, for the most part Skarmory looks like a pretty solid answer if you want to wall it. Steel/Flying resists the vast majority of what Delta Noivern can dish out, while its high physical defense allows it to laugh off physical variants. Special variants may have a touch more luck, but to be honest the only special attack it’s even remotely worried about is Focus Blast.

It can’t do a whole lot in return, however.

Just like with Ferrothorn, Delta Noivern fears Fire. Anything with halfway decent special attack and a Fire type move will send this thing packing. Burns also turn physical variants into complete jokes unless they somehow have Natural Cure, but even then it’s not that big a deal. Fire types in general will only have to worry about EQ at most.

Fighting types aren’t terribly worried about most of its movepool, taking neutral damage at worst from everything except Aerial Ace and Acrobatics, but those moves are unlikely to be run on Delta Noivern. They may not be faster for the most part, but they can hit back for super-effective damage and just ruin this poor thing’s day.

Movesets? I can’t think of anything that springs to mind.

I like your input on the pokemon. I will admit, when we created the moveset we really couldnt think of much that made delta noivern viable. currently delta Noivern DOES receive Boomburst, just to note that. What use to be the niche thing for delta noivern was it’s original hidden ability, cutting the fire type effectiveness from 4x to 1x, but since we’ve created the moveset (and gotten rid of that HA) i have been scratching my head as to what could make Delta noivern usable in some form of meta, even if it was UU like it’s normal counterpart

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Sorry, I mistyped. I know that it gets Boomburts, but it doesn’t get Taunt.

Honestly, at the moment it feels like Noivern’s trying to be a special attacker but is mediocre at it, a physical attacker but needs boosts to even work, all while retaining its fragile original nature but with none of the disruptive use its ordinary form has. Maybe you might want to focus on giving it a proper niche first and go from there?

would you have any recommendations or ideas that we could consider trying? Aside from changing typing :stuck_out_tongue:

The typing’s fine, actually. What I’d recommend changing is either its Base Stat distribution, its movepool, or both. Noivern’s base form is obviously meant to be a swift picker type, who can disrupt opponents and finish off weakened ones, which is why the Delta version feels so downright contradictory.

First off, I’d probably go ahead and give it back Synthetic Metal, but with the downside of increasing the severity of one of its other weaknesses so you don’t create another Bronzong in the process. Maybe up its Ground weakness or something to x2 to compensate for the huge decrease in Fire damage. Gives it a bit of an anti-Fire niche right there considering its typing, while opening up a hole in its otherwise substantial defenses.

Second, ax the emphasis on physical moves. Noivern can’t be both, it just doesn’t have the stats or moveslot room for it. Maybe try swapping out some physical coverage moves for their closest possible special equivalents, like Earth Power in place of Earthquake.

If you plan on making it fill an offensive role, I’d say toss it Nasty Plot for good measure too, just to give it something it can actually use to boost itself with. Growth is just too situational to ever be useful, although with Synthetic Metal it might open up another niche on a Sunny Day team, which would normally be the death of it.

Actually, I’d be curious how well a Growth/Sunny team niche would actually work, to be honest, but it’s just one possibility of many.

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Hey Lunar! It’s been a while, hope you’re doing well. (Don’t mind me barging in hehe.)

Hey, as for Delta Noivern, I’d think it’d be viable best as an utility / support pokemon. Here are some things you can add on:

  1. Changing Delta Noivern’s ability to Filter. I’d think it fits into the nature of D. Noivern and requires less coding since Mega Aggron’s data is already in the game. Also helps a little with the fighting and fire.

  2. Adding Defog & Taunt to its moveset. Crobat in the UU tier is really well known for taunting + defogging, and grass/steel > poison/flying in terms of surviving. This would help D. Noivern be even more valuable. D. Noivern also learns Super Fang, so a moveset of Super Fang/ Defog / Roost / Taunt or Leech Seed could wreck.

  3. Hopefully it learns Giga Drain. That’s an essential for almost any grass type.

Best of luck with it!

He actually doesnt get super fang, that was removed.

Oh okay, well hope the suggestions can help out~

Why not have Synthetic Metal trade D. Noivern’s Poison immunity for a Fire one? Would that break things?

Unfortunately the D. Noivern line had Synthetic Alloy replaced with Natural Cure in 1.1.7