Evolving D Petilil

how to evolve delta petilil?

which one?

the water and fire type

Fire stone

thanks. btw which other forms are there and where?

There’s a Fairy/Flying one in Holon Grasslands but idk where it is exactly or how to evolve it

EDIT: “For Petlil you have to battle or run from pokes on static encounter north west flowerpots (or something like that). After encounter go to another place and then back to reset static pokemon. I think on 4th or 5th time you get petlil there.”

Shiny stone for the fairy.

I was thinking shiny stone tbh

is there a way to obtain soul dew?

Sold by a vendor in narra town.

who exactly? i have spoken to everyone in nasca town. still not able to find it

The specific pokemon specialist. Also sorry, I meant Narra town.

i went there. there was a mothim instead. when i interacted with it, it turned into a raikou. like wtf!

Roaming legends can replace static encounters.