EV training

So I have a suggestion on something that is so annoying I just gave up on doing. I wanted to do EV training for my Pokemon, but it’s extremely tedious.

What I suggest is with the EV trainer give us options to fight Pokemon with varying levels of EV yields and not just one each. If paying more is the cost then I’m fine with that. As it stands the only stat that can be increased with more ease is HP because of the trainer and their Audinos.

It’s actually probably faster to buy proteins and such than use the trainer. Sure it’s cheaper in the long run to use them, but the proteins are so expensive. And maybe if we could buy them at the base shop guy it wouldn’t be so bad.

Using the Friend Safari can greatly increase the ease of which you can EV train Pokemon as the Pokemon you will be encountering are low leveled and their is usually a Healing NPC nearby. I believe there is a post somewhere on the forums about good safaris to EV Train in.