EV Trainer

for the EV base trainer in the randomizer mode the EV trainers pokemon are randomized as well

could this be changed like the level trainer was?

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It’s a randomizer for a reason.

yes but the level trainer was changed so that it still uses audinos even in a randomizer

why cant they change the EV trainer to use the pokemon used for EV training

Because it’s a randomizer. It’s not meant to let you breeze through. It’s a challenge run. Everything is randomized.

but im already breezing through because of the level trainer

and the level trainer is not randomized

Leveling is an unavoidable part of the game regardless of what mode you choose to play and randomizing sources of experience hardly adds to the challenge rather than just making the entire process more tedious. There is no need for you to worry about EVs on a randomized run, let alone use the EV trainer.

but what about the people who like to use it?

Then play a non-randomized run.

but randomized is fun and gives me chances to use new and different teams

and ev training helps (mainly since im doing a randomlocke)

EV training does not affect your ability to use new and different teams.

I’m sure that the fact that all of your opponents have level-up movesets rather than competitive movesets also helps considerably more.

i know but it makes the game better

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Why not use friend safaris? They’re not randomized, so they’re pretty reliable places for EV training. And they’re free of charge.

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oh yeah that actually exists