EV trainer Improvement Suggestions

I’ve just got a couple suggestions to improve using the EV trainer because i think it has a couple flaws at the moment.
The attack EV trainer pokemon, Shiftry, has the move Whirlwind. When i want to make exactly 252 ev’s, sometimes i need to switch out after 1 Shiftry to make it work. Then it whirlwinds and makes things i don’t want having attack EV’s that are in my party gain attack EV’s. Could you just make sure Shiftry only has damaging moves?

The speed EV trainer pokemon, Raichu has the ability Static. Using physical moves on Raichu is quite annoying when trying to EV train because i keep having to heal to get rid of paralysis. Could it just have Lightning Rod as an ability instead?

Not used the defence or sp.def trainers yet so i don’t know if they have issues either. If they do when i encounter them, i’ll add a comment.

I felt the same when EVsing my Jumpluff lol tbf though Lightning Rod would be annoying for some 'mons too (not as much, obv)

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That should be done also to the def EV: it’s a Poliwrath with hyphosis. Pretty annoying when it hits.

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