Ev & iv explain

i didnt quite the iv thing and purpose of the iv stone. can someone explain to me?? and i know that it takes 252 ev to max a stat.but my charizard stopped gaining sp.atk evs after 198. why’s that??

A simple explanation of IVs can be found here. At level 100, 31 points are added to the stat with perfect IV. One IV stone can be used to make the IV of a single stat 31 with the help of IV changer in the Secret base.

The total EVs that a pokemon can have is 510 iirc. It’s likely that your charizard has a sum total of 312 EVs spread among the other stats. Use the EV resetter in secret base to remove the EVs from unnecessary stats or EV reducing berries from the Helios department store.

ok regarding IV. it is a hidden stat in the main games that add 1 value per IV on a certain stat at level 100. It is visible in insurgence, the max IV of a stat is 31, that means a pokemon with 31 IV on a certain stat, let’s say speed, will have +31 speed at level 100. it will outspeed the same kind of pokemon that has 30 or below speed IV. (this is with neutral natures)

IV stones are introduced in the game so you can max out IV’s wo doing much work coz it maxes it out to 31 as long as you have the stone.

IV’s are bred through pokemons, via chain breeding, so you can get the desired IV for the pokemon with the help of destiny knot, and power items. if you want info on this go to bulbapedia and read how breeding works.

EV’s on the other hand are the stats you yield via training on certain pokemon with certain ev stat yield, meaning if you train vs pikachus you will get faster since pikachu’s give 2 EV per pikachu that you defeated. you can only have a maximum of 255 ev per stat, and your total EV on any pokemon at 510. meaning you can only get 510 EV spread on all stats of that pokemon.

EV divided by 4 = 1 stat. so it is advised to get 252 on two stats, and the remaining 6 to a third stat to maximize stat gains.(255/4 = 252/4 after rounding.)

you have other EV’s in your charizard that’s why you can’t get anymore sp atk. There are ev reducing berries available in helios city, and an ev resetter in your secret base, note that ev resetter with zero out the ev you selected while the berries only reduce the ev by 10 per use.

thnx guys.this is gonna help a lot. one more thing do u know how to get pokerus here?? i heard it had something to do with potions

well you can ask me to give you a pokerus mon. ill be on discord insurgence server.

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