Errors trying to start the game

Hey, I’ve recieved multiple errors when trying to start the game. It first occurred when encountering a wild Pokémon, and now it occurs every time I attempt to start the game. I have tried multiple repairs, reinstalling the launcher, changing the location of where the game files are, yet the same errors occur. Does anyone know if there’s a fix for this?

Sorry for the triple posts, but I can only put two links in a post at once.

I assume you saved the game, and when you try to load the game it gives you this error?

Indeed, there are two other errors between these, but they seem to be of the same kind as the first two.

Try using a save backup.
Found here: C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence
And get back to me here and say if it works or not.

How do I go about doing that, as soon as I try to open the game I get these errors, and I can’t find a place to load the saves in the Launcher.

Just go to the directory I posted earlier, the save files are found there.
The game 1st slot save name is Game.rxdata
Backup saves are named like this Save_0_Backup_1.rxdata, etc.
Delete the save file, and rename the backup file to Game.rxdata, then load the game.

Still getting the same errors sadly.

Seems like the backup file is also corrupted.
Check if you have more backups that can be used, or else you have to delete them all for the game to start.

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Alright, thank you for the help!

No problem.

I did those steps but i have a different error. it says

strong textScript ’ ’ line 104: NoMethodError occured

strong text undefined method `dispose’ for nil:NilClass

But without the bold.

This error is known too, it can be fixed by downloading the game core new.
If that didn’t work, then you might need to wait for the last update for a fix.