So everyone tells talk to the clown with the machine Parts and select quest mede.But he only shows his previous dialogue and map.Is it obtainable after beating the E4?

Hmm, no I’m pretty sure you can do his quest anytime. Are you on 1.2.2?


So when you talk to him he just asks you whether to use his pikataxi?

Try talking to him at a 1.2 location maybe?


1.2 location?Like amphirite city and the others?That doesn’t work either.

How far along in the story are you?

beated the e4.Figured it out.I saved before buying the machine,and I soft reseted.And I didn’t buy it again.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What did you do to start the PikaTaxi quest?

Do you already have a VIP-pass for the PikaTaxi?

Aw man,It still doesn’t work.This time I have got the machine parts,Talked to him in a 1.2 location but still nothing!:sob::sob::sob:

You need to get the VIP Pass for it to work. Just spam using him 15 times and you’ll get it.

oh thanks.You helped a lot.Now I can get haxorite

Also, if you are having trouble landing the emolga taxi, direct the cursor to a Pokémon Center.

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