Emolga Taxi/Challenge Championship Glitch

I was trying to use the emolga taxi to leave the battle frontier when this happened

It went to the dialouge that happens when you first start the game asking who you are and now im the emolga taxi. Has this happened before cause I am very confused.

Update: It crashed and took me back to my last save, but any ideas as too why this happened? Also now it automatically crashes whenever i try to use the Emolga Taxi

Update 2: My game is stuck in the emolga taxi loading screen thing and it keeps crashing and saying “the script is taking too long to load. The game will restart.” It keeps going in an endless cycle of this

Update 3: By going into my past saves I was able to get one from before I was stuck in the loop, but it was another auto save from the game crashing in the challenge championship. So when I lost the round I was forced into, I only had 3 party members still, the ones who were in the championship battle. The rest are gone and I have no way to get them back. All of my saves either force me in the emolga taxi loop or make me only have half of my team. All of the members I have were forced back to level 50 and I have no money and I am too weak to progress with my available mons. Is there any way to recover my lost ones that the game somehow deleted? What should I do?

Many of the battle frontier things are glitched. :sad: Your problem has been found before.

Unless you have another backup save(which seems like you don’t), there’s no way to get your mons back. I suggest you turn off autosave, it makes more problems than it solves.

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Okay thanks, hopefully the next update fixes the overall glitchiness of the battle frontier ! I turned off auto save and went to sonata tracks and earned a ton of cash so I can level up a new team using the level trainer.