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Emergency Trade Pls Help

Trading Name: sade66

Offer: anything fair

Request: pokemon that can help my under-leveled team beat red orb Groudon at Infernal Base. Either for keep or as a loan ( I promise I will return)

Further info: I am hard stuck at the Infernal Base and after I made my way up to Zenith but my team is under-leveled and keeps getting wiped out by his Red Orb Groudon ( almost all my pokemon with me are water type). I cannot escape the base or access my PC until I defeat Zenith

hey man i can give septile that can mega evolve but i want a delta snorlex

Sceptile for a fire ground type battle??? Unless you outspeed, a water type would be way better

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Do you remembered the ability of primal groudon?

its a drought effect iirc

no water attacks at all lmao

your best bet is a ground type strong enough that can outspeed

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best bet is maybe like exca with focus sash and hope for no burn lmao

exactly what i was thinking

or maybe haxorus

nvm it has dragon tail

hey anyone that can give me a delta snorlex for like a avrage pokemon i can also give my giratina i dont like it as so anyone . delta munchlex in hidden grotto so any one and if u know how to spwan it so pls and also i am seeing a item their a max repel

I can trade you one, just give me your giratina :smiling_imp:

ok fam but no scam

promise, is this fine?


so now

its hacked

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what is your trading name? mine is froggi_chair

it isnt? wdym

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