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Elite Four Team Help


Alright, so I’ve kicked Nyx’s butt and it’s… Elite Four time, and my team sucks because my starter has been dragging everyone along.

In my defense, Delta Saur can sweep like a legend, so… yeah.

Okay, but seriously, I need a better team for this.

I am not going to go without:

  • Delta Venusaur (Elvectica). Level 101, Naive, D-Saurite. Dark Pulse/Thunderbolt/Psychic/Draining Kiss. (And don’t tell me to get a better Fairy move because this is my only recovery)

  • Giratina (Aurix). Level 88 as of now but will change, Jolly, Spell Tag? Aura Sphere/Shadow Claw/Shadow Force/Dragon Claw.

Subject to change:

  • Typhlosion (Lukewarm). Level 77, Hasty, Charcoal? Flamethrower/Quick Attack/Blast Burn/Rollout.

  • Sandslash (Kato). Level 71, Calm, Soft Sand? Gyro Ball/Swords Dance/Sandstorm/Earthquake.

  • Lucario (Inkeri). Level 71, Serious, ??? Dragon Pulse/Aura Sphere/Extreme Speed/Reversal. (Worth noting - Lucario’s Atk and SpAtk are exactly the same.)

Almost definitely getting the boot:

  • Empoleon (Shortstack). Level 68, Lax, ??? Permafrost, Hydro Cannon, Aqua Jet, Drill Peck.

My question here is twofold:

  1. Should I even bother grinding up Luke, Kato and Inkeri? Are they going to fare well against the E4 if I get them to level 95 or so?

  2. Who do I replace Empoleon with? (Preferably something I don’t have to grind forever.)

Thanks in advance!