Elite Four ruined the rest of the game (so far)

Spoilers ahead -

Quick story/rant: I’m very casual, wanting to do a delta-only team going into E4 with my best pokemon being level 105 and everything else in the high-80s / low-90s when I got to them, and where I discovered their scaling mechanics are absolute garbage. Had to raise up the rest of my team to match, which took a decent chunk of time but nothing big, issue being it required me to SUPER overgrind for the rest of the game. E4 is intense, but man doing the match against Red and the Timeless at the end when I could sweep all of them with a single D-Arcanine setup was a massive “are you serious, this is it?” moment.

I’m just a bit peeved the dumb E4 scaling ruined an epic experience with the timeless, as well as resulting in an absolute steamroll through the Holon region so far. Just wanted to vent. Otherwise great game, had a blast up to that point.

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Welcome to the community! Happy so see you liked the game.

The main problem with traditional E4 is that it can be over leveled, so no challenge there. This is why the scaling is there. The Hard mode has a good point, adding a level cap of 98 at the E4 so the post-game isn’t ruined by over level. I think the giving this level cap to normal mode too would be a good way to prevent this.

If you want to give a shot to the hard mode or any challenges, I am really good at team building and in the competitive environment in general, so I can help you if you seek challenges and difficulty.

Hey Peter, thanks for the input. I didn’t know that about the hard mode, that would have been super nice to know and I should have opted for that to be honest instead of normal mode the whole way.

I was just having fun doing a delta-only team, which was great, and had a moment of annoyance from that E4 encounter. I played a bit more, explored Holon, knocked out a few sidequests, and found fun again in the game

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Nice! Some people love to do challenges here. There is a topic called the Challenge Fiesta where people post some kind of let’s play while doing like nuzlockes, Deltlokes and stuff like that. In my case, a No Faint Challenge. Check it out if you want.