Elite Four Prep

I have reached the Elite Four and have taken a scout run at them just to see what I was in for, but decided my team needs some adjustments before I can take them on for real. Currently my team are all around lvl 84 and ev trained with beneficial natures. The team consists of:

Delta Venusaur
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Psycho Call
Leech Seed
Draining Kiss

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Intimidate
Ice fang
Aqua Tail
Rain Dance

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Stance Change
Kings Shield
Iron Head
Shadow Ball
Sacred Sword

Item: Soft Sand
Ability: Sand Rush
Iron Head
Rock Slide
Swords Dance

Delta Typhlosion
Item: Delta Typhlosionite
Ability: Motor Drive
Dazzling Gleam
Flash Cannon
Charge Beam

The sixth member of my team is currently up in the air. A shortlist of Pokémon I’ve considered are: Tyranitar, Volcorona, Hydreigon, Delta Metagross (Spider), Goodra, and Charizard. Any recommendations on team, items (who to give choice items), and movesets would be appreciated.

Gyarados would probably appreciate dragon dance on its moveset as rain dance doesn’t do too much to it. Helps Mega Delta Typhlo, but I feel as if there are better mons out there suited to using rain dance, but eh. Also, it seems kinda awkward that there is a sand abuser and a rain abuser in the same team. I guess for one of the e4 it is fine, but hmm. Excadrill can prob run scarf/life orb. I would run some other move on delta typhlosion that is not charge beam like energy ball as the added coverage seems more useful than a circumstantial power boost. Gyarados’ item seems ok, considering the fact that it gets intimidate and seems to be going to be bulky for setting rain. You can slap life orb on it if you are going offensive dragon dance, but besides that it seems fine for it. I would probably run Calm Mind Delta Venu as that gets sweeping potential. probably get rid of draining kiss since that is pretty weak and won’t really be used that much. Aegislash’s moveset is certainly interesting. I feel like shadow claw/shadow sneak would be better there if you are trying to go physical, otherwise fine. Also, a fire type or a mon with fire type coverage is very useful here as some common mons that the e4 have are weak to fire type moves. I honestly would not bring t-tar, trust me on that, it becomes a bit obsolete for 2 of the e4 members. Delta Metagross ain’t bad as it is the hazards god. Although, I would considering changing your team lineup a bit as you have three steel types. Replacing one of them with a solid dragon helps a lot as you create a nice Fairy/Dragon/Steel core. Could replace another one, but that is up to you. So, that is what I think of this team.

So potentially I could replace Delta Typhlosion with say Electivire and give mega to my Delta Venusaur. Then Add Hydreigon for the Fairy/Dragon/Steel Core? Making my team Gyarados, Excadrill, D. Venusaur, Aegislash, Electivire, and Hydreigon. (I would then remove raindance and tweak the movesets) @MastersHideout You think that would balance out better?

Yea, I would think that seems better. Don’t know exactly what to give Electivire, maybe Life Orb? But yea, that seems good. Broken Hubris ensues…

@MastersHideout yeah I ended up going with Electivire:
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Motor Drive
Item: Life Orb
Fire Punch
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch

Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate
Item: Life Orb
Dragon Pulse
Dark Pulse
Work Up

Other changes:
Gave mega to D. Venusaur switched Draining Kiss with Calm Mind.
Changed Aegislash’s physical moves to Flash Cannon and Toxic.
Gave Gyarados Swords Dance instead of Rain Dance.

I managed to beat London without much trouble earlier today. Hopefully I can make it through the rest.

Why Timid Electivire but your moves are all physical?

Because its actually Jolly (facepalm)

Now its look better! :joy: