Elite four help

I have literally no idea how to get past the elite four, and I’ve been stuck on Kayla. Currently my team is (all at lvl 100):

Delta Charizard:
Dragon Pulse
Phantom Force
Flame Charge
D. Charizardite

Delta Quagsire
Seed Bomb
Body Slam
Drain Punch
Fire Blast

Delta Haxorus
Ice Fang

Delta Scizor
Frost Breath
Iron Head
Cross Chop
Night Slash
Delta Scizorite

Delta Muk
Fairy-type custom move
Rock Smash

Dragon Pulse
Aerial Ace
Lucky Egg

Yes, I know my entire team just has attacking moves, I’m not good at optimizing.
Any help is greatly appreciated

Yeah your team needs so much work, as pretty much not a single one is close to being competitively viable.

D. Quagsire is a horrible choice against pretty much any opponent, so swap that out for something like thick fat ability D. Snorlax that knows earthquake, drain punch, seed bomb, belly drum/bulk up w/ an adamant nature.

D. Charizard is a special attacker, so there’s no point in teaching it physical moves. You want either timid or modest nature and have it know shadow ball, dragon pulse/draco meteor, sludge bomb, flamethrower

D. Haxorus should have jolly/adamant nature. If using water veil ability, then have it know swords dance, iron head, aqua jet, earthquake. If strong jaw then you can run iron head, crunch, ice fang, aqua tail. It should hold either expert belt, choice band, or focus sash

I highly recommend using d. scyther instead of d. scizor, as the speed difference and hustle ability is way more useful. should be jolly/adamant nature and know hone claws, close combat, icicle crash, night slash. have it hold focus sash. D. Charizard is a way better mega anyway, and you should only have one pokemon holding a mega stone at any time.

D. muk should only know physical attacking moves. Teach it Earthquake, drain punch, poison jab/gunk shot, fire punch/rock tomb. Ability is up to you and I’d recommend adamant nature, or could maybe go for a more defensive nature too w/ minimize

Again, normal Haxorus is a physical attacker, so any special moves are completely wasted. dragon claw, iron head, earthquake/low kick, dragon dance is better way to go. Jolly/adamant nature. You could run a mega stone with this if you really wanted, and if so give d. charizard choice specs instead of mega stone. I’d probably swap it out entirely since you already have a dragon type with d. charizard and a possible steel with d. haxorus. Probably should put in a timid D. Gardevoir/D. Chandelure in your team.

Thanks for the advice. That said, I have the pokemon and most of the moves needed for this revised team, however, I can’t really get a delta scyther because I don’t have a delta ditto yet, so is there any way I could do that? Also, is there any easier way to change natures aside from the pokepon machine? I don’t want to have to go at it for a long time just to get the wanted nature.

unfortunately pokepon is the only real way to switch natures on an already owned pokemon. best bet is pretty much to hop onto the discord server and trade for some specifically bred ones.

thanks, I have most of my new team done now. One more question, what would be a good moveset for delta chandelure, and what item should it hold?

I should have mentioned before that you’d want delta lampent first so you can teach it moonblast. Once it knows moonblast I’d have it learn heat wave/flamethrower/fire blast, earth power, and energy ball. For items i’d suggest choice specs/scarf, or could also run an expert belt