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Elite Four has maxed PP?

I’m Challenging the Elite Four for the first time and I can get through Kayla and London without any issues (seems to be a common theme on this forum), but I’m struggling with Eduard and Yuki.

I beat Eduard once (3/4), then couldn’t get past Yuki despite many resets so I decided to level up a few mons on Victory Road, collect a few missing TMs, and now I’m back. But now I can’t get past Eduard lol.

One of the changes I made was to have the Move Tutor in Kepler City teach my Giratina “Defog”… the strategy was to play tennis with Hippowdon’s “Stealth Rock” and outlast it by leveraging Giratina’s Pressure… but holy smokes (!!) it must have max PP… I went 13 rounds with it and it outlasted me… Bulbapadia tells me that normal PP for Stealth Rock is 20, so it has to have max PP (32), right?

Does anyone know, or can confirm? If this won’t work, I’ll go back to my brute-force/revive strategy.

Edit: spelling