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Elite four glitch URGENT


i have just got to the elite four and according to the insurgence wiki the elite fours team should roughly range from lvl89-lvl90 so my team should easily be able to beat them however when I decide to battle them they are all lvl101 this makes no sense to me as I am on easy difficulty and its my first attempt at the elite four can someone please help or tell me if there is a way to alter levels for the elite four as I am finding it nearly impossible to defeat them it would be highly appreciated




highly appreciated I guess I will just have to wait for a patch to come out thank you for telling me this information


The elite four levels scale to your highest mon’s level. The bare minimum is level 88.


They are set to scale to the highest level of your party, so it advised that you keep your party around the same level. The bare minimum is 88, as Shaymin said before. This is done so that you don’t overlevel and just grind to beat the league. Using a solid team with a strategy and few weaknesses is a good way to take on the league.

Scaling can be found here. “The levels of the the Elite Four’s Pokémon are variable; they are typically set to the highest level Pokémon in your current party, though minimum levels do apply.”


Not a glitch, This is intended behavior to make sure the the E4 maintains some level of challenge because a lot of people spent time before 1.2 maxing out their teams in 1.1