Elite 4 Team Advice?

My current team to face the Elite Four is

Delta Venusaur @ D Vensaurite
Delta Gardevoir
Delta Goodra

I’m thinking of making a few replacements and some pokemons I’m considering are Giratina, Delta Liligant, Gallade, Garchomp, and Delta Mismagius.

Any advice?

Giritina is great def try it.

It actually matches up badly vs. E4. Your team is fine, Chomp could replace Hydrei or Lucario could swap for Excadrill. Get Taunt Gengar ti shut down Eduard and Kayla’s leads.


Get Taunt on Gengar, that way you can defeat Kyla with shutting down her Smeargle. Gengar can also prevent Eduard’s Hippodown from setting up Stealth Rock and force a switch-in.