Elite 4 Help?

Aight. Substitute can be used to DESTROY the Baton Pass member. But what can be used to wreck the other 3? Normally I can flip the tables but since the E4 is something I am not familiar with means I am at a loss. Help?

A pokemon with greater than 73 speed that can use taunt/sub/setup move/attack without type immunity will win most of the time vs BP.

Noctem spiritomb with will o wisp/shadow strike is fairly overpowered vs trick room.

Hustle delta scyther and stealth rocks can do quite a bit of work in hail.

Sandstorm team is weak to mega delta blastoise.

Champ is fairly easy with a livewire/sticky web planted for speed control.

EV your pokemon appropriately in at least speed to increase your chances. I was on hard so I don’t know how many items they have in the other modes. Other than that, moveset diversity and bulky pivots help. g’luck.