Elite 4 advice


I am ready to challenge the elite 4 and have a few questions.

My team is currently delta Gardevoir, delta Haxorus, Giratina, Delta Hydreigon, delta metagross (spider) and blaziken.

  • Should I use delta gardevoir or Thunderus?
  • What is a good moveset for delta metagross (spider)?
  • What are good items for my pokemon to hold?


use a mega khangaskhan

more than half of ur team is weak to ground types pls fix it

Delta Gardevoir should use Choice Scarf alongside Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Earth Power and Moonblast.

Good moveset for Spidergross is Earthquake, X-Scissor, Gunk Shot and your choice of Sticky Web, Knock Off, Superpower and Stealth Rock. This should be your Mega Evolution.

Delta Hydreigon should be run either Life Orb it Choice Specs with Hyper Voice, Earth Power, Fire Blast and another Coverage option.

To be honest, I don’t like regular Giratina. I highly recommend you fix that ground weakness problem as you kinda face a sand team. I would recommend using something like Defense Skarmory, Gyarados or another reliable ground immuned Pokémon. By the way, I designed an unusual Gyarados set that can help you destroy at least two elite four members.

Haxorus can be quite difficult to setup but is also effective. Use Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw/Outrage and Taunt/Poison Jab. Life Orb is prefered, although it can world with Focus Sash, Dragon Gem or Dragon Fang.

If your Blaziken does not have Speed Boost, then congrats on keeping it this far. Focus Sash or Life Orb is preferred too.

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Thanks alot for the info.

So i was thinking of removing delta haxorus, giratina and blaziken from my team and replacing them with skarmory, aegislash and mega kangaskhan. Would that improve the balance of the team more?

If you think Aegislash adds another steel type and isnt necessary, then maybe swap them for gyarados?


aegislash and khanga is good…

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i am guessing scarm for the ground types… though you should use a belly drum delta snorelax with drain punch, earthquake and seed bomb… he defeats landon and Eduard on has own.

Excellent thanks, ill try aegislahs, kangas and delta snorlax to start and keep skarmory on the side if he deems to be a better option if im having no luck.