Elder Clint Eastwood seems to be bugged?[It's not]

EDIT 2: Game’s not bugged, I’m just forgetful. :man_facepalming:

Just downloaded version 1.2.7 this week, after not playing this for a few years, and I’ve been grinding levels by fighting elder clint eastwood, on a brand new save file, but he seems to be bugged for me; idk if anyone else has seen this occur in their copy of the game.

Every time I fight him, his electrode seems to randomly lock onto one of it’s 3 electric type moves and spam it until it runs out of PP for that move, and it then starts to attack via struggle once that move runs out of PP. I’ve never seen it use explosion, nor have I seen it act as if it didn’t only know a single electric type move. I’ve tried with a few other Memory Chamber NPCs, but none of the other ones I’ve tested seem to have this issue.

Suggestions on how to fix this are welcome, as I’d like to grind out these fights in some quick and explosive battles so I don’t have to keep splitting the exp with my marowak (who’s now nearly lvl 40 himself and my highest lvl pokemon).

EDIT: It’s finally used the move explosion, seems I was just unlucky before when it was picked which of it’s 4 moves it was gonna treat as it’s only one for the given fight yesterday. Still has the problem as the electrode seems to only randomly load one of it’s 4 set attacks per fight, and never uses a different move in any given fight.

It has a choice item. It can only use one move.

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:man_facepalming: forgot about that held item’s effect…
yeah, checks out that I just forgot how some stuff works when I haven’t played any pokemon games within the last 4-5 years. thxs for the clarification though, else I’d be stuck here wondering how to fix a feature I had mistook for a bug. :sweat_smile: