Egglocke Challenge

First: sorry for my english :sweat_smile:, but i’m italian.

Hy everyone! I have a problem with some eggs. I choose 6 delta pokémon for my adventure (because it’s only method to have egg). The problem is the sex of pokémon. I choose a Delta Ralts male to have a Gallade, but every times he’s a female and I don’t understand why. Can anyone help me?

Here below the list of my team:

828,“Meganulon”,340,0,Male,Modest,31,0,31,31,31,31,208,351,208,351,-1,-1, (Yanma)
764,“Gaos”,340,1,Male,Modest,31,0,31,31,31,31,400,311,215,217,-1,-1, (Noivern)
910,“Monster X”,322,0,Male,Modest,31,0,31,31,31,31,28,236,28,236,-1,-1, (Deino)
877,“Centipor”,805,0,Male,Adamant,31,31,31,31,0,31,357,357,357,357,-1,-1, (Venipede)
904,“Knifehead”,289,0,Male,Adamant,31,31,31,31,0,31,311,311,311,311,-1,-1, (Axew)
738,“Gigan”,76,0,Male,Adamant,31,31,31,31,0,31,368,368,368,368,-1,-1, (Ralts)

Thanks in advance!!!