Egglocke bug or normal?

I created eggs for egglocke run, and I have them set to female but they all came out male, which I gather wouldn’t be a problem 90% of the time, but…I’m trying to make a snorunt become a froslass. Is this a bug and the gender is misread or is it just auto generated from the egg? (its weird, cus the moves, nature, IVs are all correct, its only the gender that came out wrong). I double checked the egg files, it definitely says female…

edit: I saw on reddit this seems to be a persistent thing, but not consistent…thats super annoying, this is a really long introduction to keep sitting through to just see if the eggs hatch right…worse part, I can’t just save before I catch/trade in the eggs, since I am unsure if the eggs gender is determined from the get go or on hatch, anyone know?

Edit 2: and found another bug…apparently if you pick up your first pokemon…put it down, then try to pick it up again, you get soft locked… (it won’t let you switch anymore because its your last pokemon)

Huh, interesting.

I don’t do lockes or modding (wouldn’t know the first thing about it if I wanted to) but when I bred Gojira (the Pupitar that can be obtained through an NPC trade in Selene City), I wanted a male to fit the name I had in mind but the first at least 5 perhaps even 10 eggs I hatched were all female.

(I don’t have an exact number as I managed to erase some by resetting the game after hatching them. I tried to save before accepting the egg as I learned from a let’s play video for a Crystal mod ROM that the species, gender and shiny status or no of the odd egg were set when it was accepted. I confirmed this to be true of Insurgence as well by saving just before hatching that first egg and hatching it twice only to have it’s gender and nature be exactly the same both times.
Anyway, I have my bike registered to the alt button and save registered to the space bar and preferred to shave at least a couple hundred steps off before using the scientist in Vipik City but out of habit would hit the space bar when wanting to get on my bike instead of alt.)

I thought this seemed like strange odds but after that first male finally hatched and was proceeded by a handful more (I also like to nature hunt) I let it go.
It seems I was right though, that perhaps there is a glitch in the egg gender odds.

Thanks for the response, after numerous resets and getting the same gender, it does seem to be locked before it hatches, with an egglocke, thats particularly brutal because all eggs are therefore determined before the start of the game (or at least when you can begin swapping them) so no amount of resets will fix the gender aside from starting a whole new run…That is unfortunate.

Ah so you’ve been resetting the same egg?
Yeah that’s not just gonna get you the same gender but the same Pokemon including nature, ability, IVs and shiny status.

I got 5-10 females accepting new eggs each time–after that initial test that is.
Though I haven’t bred any other Pokemon yet so it could be that I just had bizarre luck but I’m now leaning more towards the odds being bugged to favor females.

well the egglocke feature lets you design your egg from scratch (So you don’t wind up with something totally useless for the run) so the IVs, nature, even egg moves were all set up. The issue is the gender, cus as much as everything else is nice, I can’t make a male snorunt a froslass Q_Q I did manage to get a female snorunt after a few resets, but the introduction/prologue is really long to sit through just to find out the egg came out the wrong gender…

Yeah I feel that. I spent literally two years since receiving it for Christmas soft resetting Moon for a shiny Rowlett and the starter scene in that game is quite a bit to get through as well.
Finally, I got sick of being behind and scrolling through that whole intro scene, so I purchased a Power Play device and shinied a Rowlet up that way (after seeing the shiny sprites, how beautiful they are, I just couldn’t take the regular).

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Oof, I am glad I am not having to do something that extreme, lucky for me its just gender. Which in theory should still be stacked in my favor since the egg is “designed” to be female, but even if its still randomized, snorunts have a 50/50 ratio. I can’t imagine how much time must be spent getting a shiny starter, but congrats on getting your shiny rowlet (doesn’t matter how you got it, its your baby, you deserve to be happy)

Agreed and I’ve done it legit.
I got a legit shiny Bulbasaur in FR.
I’m also working on a shiny Cyndaquil in SS.

Sorry getting off topic.
Good luck with the egglocke.