Egg Hatching

I am starting to breed a lot of pokemon (mostly eevee) and i have a lot of eggs, I was wondering if there is an ‘easier’ way to hatch eggs, I had an idea of setting up the push tiles in my base, can it work?

Set a push tile pointing up, and then hold the down key. This design allows you to do something else, like watch videos while hatching eggs. You could also take them to the scientist in Vipik, but this requires you to farm enough money to sustain that.


it doesnt seem to work, when i click something else the game stops everything except the music

You have to do something more passive, like watching YouTube videos where you can just watch and don’t have to click.

my personal favorite was to set up two teleportation pads vertically aligned a far distance away in the secret base and set my computer to press the speed up and up button and it would hatch them fairly quickly especially when you have a youtube video about pokemon troll strategies in the background

Hatch the eggs at the Egg-Hatcher Guy in Vipik City…

Just fyi, the distance covered by your character while sliding due to the movement tiles will only be counted as a single step. Using teleporters like Iruns said would be more optimal but personally I like the movement tiles better :stuck_out_tongue: