Eevee Team help?

This is my first time playing and am wondering about this four mon team so far. I have the following: Eevee Timid Nature, Marill Quirky Nature and ability Thick Fat, Carbink Naughty Nature and Rotom Careful Nature. I’m currently at route 2. So I’m still getting there levels ready. Any advice would be useful. Thanks

There current levels and move sets are
Mizu(Azumarill) Level 23
Item: Leftover
Bubble Beam
Aqua Tail
Defense Curl

Thorn(Axew) Level 20
Nature: Careful
Dual Chop
Dragon Rage
Scary Face

Tiny(Eevee) Level 18
Quick Attack

Transforme(Rotom) level 20
Thunder Shock
Confuse Ray
Thunder Wave

Ronda(Riolu)Level 20
Nature: Gentle
Force Palm

Sandy(D. Grimer) Level 25
Nature: Modest
Sand Tomb
Spit Up

just get them all to lvl 20 and it should reck it

Ivysaur is wrecking me. Just caught Axew and working on getting Delta Grimes to fill my final spot.

Azumarill and D.Grimer should be your priority the rest your team is at disadvanatge do to typeing maybe try replacing rotom with a flying or bug type

I just beat it about 20 minutes ago. I’m working on my to the second gym. Any tips? @MasterT7 any suggestions for the second gym?

the forest gym right??

get a ralts on route 3 and the delta scyther they should be a big help go for a female ralts ive had one on my team since that point and it can destroy whole teams

Yes. What nature’s should I get for them? And who do I replace since I have full team?

id say female ralts with jolly or modest
jolly for speed
modest for extra power

whats your current team

Eevee, Axew, Riolu, Rotom, Azumarill, and D. Grimer

Where can I find a steel type this early?

replace rotom with ralts and it up to you between riolu or d.scyther you wont be able to evolve riolu till helios city and d.scyther is good for helios sky gym which is the third gym so yeah d.scyther is ice_fighting

And the steel type pokemon to trade for D. Scyther?

do you have a secret base

No I haven’t gotten there yet. Haven’t beat Nora. Will have it soon hopefully doing some training on route 3 to prepare for the battle. Some of mons levels are low atm

once you get to vipik city the cave at the bottom the one to leave just inside you can catch a magnemite

you can get in the cave before taking on the gym and no spoilers but before you go to the dump

secret bases are op and i could trade you some decent mons once you get one what update are you on???