Eevee normal

Trading Name: Tsugo

Request: Eevee normal

I have one. Reply when you want to trade. Also, this doesn’t use the standard trade format. If a spot can’t be filled, leave it blank instead of deleting the text.

Do you want something specific?

Not really. It’d be nice if you gave me a pokemon with some worth, but a disposable pokemon is fine.

i have lileep azumarill cyndaquil shiny sandshrew and starmie Are the ones that have more “value”

I don’t exactly care about any of those aside from sandshrew, but that’s paying too much for a simple Friend Safari mon. I’m fine with a disposable pokemon, but if it helps you sleep at night you can give me a pokemon that might be of use.

Eevee by lileep treatment?

Sure. My trade name is Dechozen101. Trade on your go.

my trade name is Tsugo :v

I already know that :v. Just tell me when to send the request.

now :vvvv

Game crashed. Let me try again. On my go this time.

Okay, go.


No problem.