Eevee Mod

Hi everyone! I wanted to start by saying I love Insurgence and have been thoroughly enjoying it for the past couple of months, though that being said I just couldn’t get used to the idea of Eevee mega evolving in the traditional sense.

Then, the other night I had an idea… What if we combined Mega Evolution with the concept behind Eevee’s Z-move, with its evolved forms coming to lend a hand… er… paw …spiritually speaking of course!

I liked the idea so much that I couldn’t wait to get to work modifying Eevee’s sprites, and I wanted to share them with you, in case any of you like this idea as much as I do.

Download here!

Please keep in mind two things:
1 this is for aesthetic purposes only! It changes nothing about Mega Eevee’s stats, battling mechanics, etc.
2 I only modified Eevee’s regular sprites. It won’t change anything about shiny Eevee.


Pretty cool!

How can I insert these images into my game

Rename the files to the same thing as the images you want to replace in Insurgence 1.2.3 Core > Graphics > Battlers and choose to replace when your computer prompts you to.


Files should already be named accordingly, so all you should need to do is move them in to the graphics folder under battlers :slight_smile: