Eevee Mega Stone

Trading Name: SaraLance

Offer: -

Request: Eevee Mega Stone

Further info: I lost my old save file, I loved the Mega Eevee I had and I really want the stone back for my new gameplay :slight_smile: I sadly don’t have much to offer back yet :frowning:

I don’t have an eevite but I could give you some of the eeveelutions if you want

That would be nice, thx, I think I need to get a bit futher into the game first then, before im able to use them with the lvl cap etc.

I could get you vaporeon, flareon, jolteon and leafeon at any level so I don’t think the level cap would be a problem.

although I’m not far enough into the game to get glaceon

Oh, That would be great then! and that’s okay. Thanks for helping me out with the others! I highly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Do you know when you are able to trade

Its around 11.40 AM here atm, I have some appointments today and have to catch a few mons for you. So prob will be from late afternoon/early evening till midnight, my time. Ill shoot you a second messege when I get back home. :slight_smile:

bit later then planned, but I’m free now for the upcoming hours :slight_smile:

I’m rly sorry I didn’t check

Its alright, no worries, im pretty much avalible all day today. So I can go on whenever :slight_smile:

ok thanks. There is the woman in one of the houses is midna town that give u an evolution stone and u can always breed an eeveelution later to use mega eevee. I do have a female eevee if u want.

Ah okay, I actully started a second game on the other save slots, with an Eevee as my starter, so I now just have to play that one up till where you unlock mega evolution and recieve the megastone of your starter. Then I can trade that one to whats gonna be my main game.

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