Eevee hidden ability

Does eevee with anticipation do the “shudder” thing? i’ve seen 25 eevees in friend safari and it hasn’t done that, as well as many croagunks, even some that don’t have dry . and yes, i have focus blast on my first poke

Anticipation causes a Pokemon to Shudder if an Enemy does have a Super Effective Move. So Yes. I recall from the Wiki it’s a 20% Chance for a Friend Safari Pokemon to have it’s HA. Having a Pokemon with Trace can also be useful for Ability Scouting.

i know. what i mean is, will i see it on encounter or do i have to catch it to find out?

It does not show if an Enemy’s Anticipation Activated if it did.

thank you. generation 4 did so i was confused. i guess my luck is just bad