Eclipse Lycanroc

Hi guys
I will have to say that for me, dusk lycanroc was a bit of a dissappointement, designwise as well as stat wise. I do understand that it is based on a midday form changing into a midnight form, but it doesnt really satisfy me because there is no dawn form. That’s why i want to see lycanroc eclipse form appear in pokemon insurgence. Maybe a special Rockruff could evolve at a certain event in the game when there is an eclipse, maybe caused by Necrozma, making it able to evolve. I want this eclipse form to litterally have the strong points of both lycanroc forms. This is my stat spread idea and an artwork i found on internet (on deviantart by Tomycase) and that i really like.

Lycanroc - Eclipse

Type: Rock
Ability: Though Claws


Hp: 85

Atk: 115/117

Def: 75

SpAtk: 55


Speed: 112/110

I hope anybody agrees!

It’s not gonna be added to Insurgence, as it is on a feature lock. It doesn’t have nor will ever have any gen 7 pokemon. The only future updates will only be bug fixes or possible sprite updates.


Um, are there any other games by the Insurgence ppl cuz I love the game? :slight_smile:

Pokemon Zeta and Omicron. Here’s the link:

Epsilon is still in development, but has a link anyway:

ooooh cool thx (there goes any hope of productivity rip)

no offence but dude its kinda weak… buff up attack or speed stats by a lot lets say 40-60 or buff both of them by 30 each