Easy trade for 2 pokemons

Trading Name: XFighter777

Offer: hmm i just beat the 1st gym, but maybe i can make an offer if wanted :slight_smile:

Request: swinub and fletchling

Further info: iโ€™m looking for a fletchling and a swinub to complete my coreteam. :slight_smile:

Do you have anything you can offer? I can get you one really easily so itll be pretty much freeโ€ฆ Are you on?

hmm, what do you want? :slight_smile: i have all pokemon from the start to the suntouched exitway :slight_smile: except in the hidden grotto and good rod pokemons

I dont really care, i can get any pokemon that you can. I will normally be free around 5:30 - 6 PST. will that work?

yes thats ok

Are you on now? that could work.

Is this ok?

yes thats ok :slight_smile: sorry i must go to work, thats why i not replied

tomorrow is fine (monday)?

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