E4 Too OP

i need to know if my team is good for E4, i keep losing, i have:

lvl 110 Delta Metagross (Spider) with earthquake, sticky web, infestation, and x-scissor and is holding a focus band (Ability is poison touch)

lvl 96 Delta Roserade with moonblast, psychic, new moon, and dark pulse and is holding black glasses (Ability is shadow dance)

lvl 110 Delta Bisharp with thunder punch, power-up punch, blaze kick, and acrobatics and is holding scope lens (Ability is defiant)

lvl 110 Delta Froslass with flamethrower, crunch, earth power, and eruption and is holding lax incense (Ability is competitive)

lvl 110 Delta Reuniclus with shadow ball, psychic, endeavor, and earth power and is holding leftovers (Ability is levitate)

lvl 111 Delta Gallade with thunder punch, false swipe, livewire, and ice punch and is holding delta galladite (Ability is volt absorb)

Your team has quite a few weaknesses and no reliable tank mon that can take on threats that the rest of your team may not match up against. Consider removing scope lens (or replacing with useable item) from D. Bisharp so the Acrobatics will double in power. Endeavor on D. Reuniclus will not work well due to its low speed, high HP, and lack of a Trick Room setter. Replace False Swipe on D. Gallade with something more useful.

Overall, I’d suggest the addition of a powerful defensive pokemon (perhaps D. Volcarona w/ levitate or a steel-type of some sort like D. Haxorus) in place of either D. Reuniclus or D. Froslass.

would empoleon be good?