E4 team?

Need help with E4 battle any ideas

The team

Delta Pidgeot
Dragon pulse
Dragon Dance
item: Delta pidgeotite or leftovers
Ability Early bird

Delta Venusaur
calm mind
item: Delta Venusaurite or something i don’t know what to put on it
Ability: Psycho call

Delta Hydrigon
earth power
hyper voice
item: soft sand
Ability intoxicate

Delta Scizor
Close combat
Icicle crash
drain punch
ice ball
item:Delta scizorite something else i dont know
Ability: Scrappy

Delta Noivern
energy ball
giga drain
flash cannon
item:kings rock
Ability; Chlorophyll

quick attack
lava plume
Item: typhosionite or charcoal
Ability Blaze

To anyone who helped thanks

use d pidgeot and use dragon pulse it will kill garchomp and dog greninja
typhlosion will kill egg and brelom
and you should be abe to kill the rest easy

oof I’m not that great with competitive teams so I can only give general suggestions, but ya here goes.
FYI in case u didn’t know, type effectiveness is flipped

I’d recommend mega-ing d venasaur cuz it’s got great stats and also that psychic moonblast can be killer cuz there are only a few mons on Nyx’s team with weakness. Plus w calm mind and hyp it’s gonna be pretty OP for most of her mons (watch for garchomps’ fairy strength).

Typh’s great but watch out cuz a lot of her mons have strength against fire in this battle (ex: grass, ice, rock, etc). >> (Typhlosion will not kill egg and breloom cuz of the type flip)

Otherwise, I think you have a pretty solid team. Hope this helps at least a little bit :))

mega kangaskan tho

get a ghost type, m8

recommendation: D. Reuniclus

who do i replace

d. pidgeot.

Delta Pidgeot isn’t that good, and one of the elite four members has a Fairy Type.
so uh…
D. Reuniclus can be really good, as it can cover it’s Water, Ground, Dark, Steel, and Grass weaknesses. Giga Drain, Focus Blast, Earthquake, and Ice Punch.

Downside is, it’s very slow.
30 speed.
although, It’s a special SWEEPER.
Recommended moveset: Shadow Ball/Power Gem for STAB, Earth Power, Giga Drain, Icy Wind. It’s not set-in-stone, but it could work.

if it has a beneficial nature to it’s sp.attack. otherwise, it could still work, but a little harder to pull off.

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should i replace typlosion with delta the delta petilil you get during victory road also delta scyther or delta pawniard

oh boy. D. Pawniard for SURE. D. Bisharp can MEGA EVOLVE, and can be BS OP with it’s type combo.
and yes