E4 team help

So I just beat Nyx and am currently preparing for E4. I think my team is pretty good, and covers most of the types that Primal Giratina isn’t immune to. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for team changes or if my team is good to go.

Mega Delta Charizard (Spirit Call/Noctem): Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, Lunar Cannon, Outrage

Mega Delta Gallade (Volt Absorb): Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Wild Charge, Icicle Crash

Mega Delta Metagross (Poison Touch/Mold Breaker): Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Gunk Shot, X-Scissor

Delta Haxorus (Heavy Metal, 31 Attack IVs): Heavy Slam, Aqua Tail, Swords Dance, Giga Impact

Delta Roserade (Shadow Dance): Moonblast, Hurricane, New Moon, Lunar Cannon

Primal Giratina (Pressure/Omnitype): Aura Sphere, Shadow Force, Shadow Sneak, Hex

Looks pretty good! Evenly spread out types which is good I think you can do it but I advise you that your team should be around the same level because the elite 4’s pokemon levels go up by the levels of your pokemon I wish you good luck on the league :+1:

I’m going to try really hard to help without giving away too much about opponents teams then.

First, having three mega’s is super redundant. You really should just choose one and build around it. Since D. Gallade and D. Metagross are still pretty good without their mega, and D. Charizard really isn’t, I would recommend sticking with mega D. Charizard. Especially when D. Roserade is reliant on noctem.

Second, your team is really hyper offense oriented. No status or support moves outside of stealth rocks, no recovery or pivots. One of your members should really have knock off. Unless you are playing on east difficulty, items are an important part of the E4’s strategy. I would also advise you give another member of your team taunt. Locking your opponent of of status moves is huge and can shut down entire teams.

I’m not sure how viable a mixed set is on D. Charizard. If you are going to be running physical moves, you might as well be running either D-dance or Hone Claws. Mega is just far better acclimated to a special set though. If you do run a special set, I would recommend running dragonify, since it turns anything short of faries into dragon types so you can hit them with d-pulse for 2x damage. Shadow ball and Lunar cannon are redundant as well. They both hit the same things and shadow ball actually hit’s for more since it’s stab. This might be a good place to swap in taunt.

D. Gallade is a pretty standard set, I would just change his item. You could swap out psycho cut for livewire though. It will help you deal with speedier teams.

D. Metagross is standard as well. Same deal with the item though.

On D.Haxorus, Giga Impact should be replaced. Base 147 atk with access to two stab priority moves makes him one of the best revenge killers in the game. I would give him either bullet punch or aqua jet instead. Since you are running a noctem team, Hone Claws is superior to Swords Dance. It will get rid of your chance to miss on Aqua Tail. Personally, I’m not really a fan of moves with variable power that you can’t control. Even with heavy metal, Heavy slam is probably going to be hitting in the 80-100 power range. Alternatively you could run Iron Head, get 80 power all the time regardless of weight and have a chance to flinch. This also frees you up to take water veil or strong jaws instead. That’s just my preference though.

For D. Roserade, clicking hurricane is always going to be a gamble, especially when it can’t take a physical hit at all. On the other hand, Shadow Dance gives it base 180 speed. Meaning Air Slash is incredibly good. If you pair that with Livewire on your D. Gallade, you can para-flinch hax most mons effectively.

For Primal Giratina you should replace Hex. The 30% chance to poison on poison touch is currently the only way to get the boosted damage. Livewire would make this viable. If you don’t go that route, replace it with anything really.